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Klim Levene is an aspiring and talented filmmaker, animator, photographer, designer and musician. Take a look around, click those links.profile pic

In 2011, Klim moved to Vancouver in order to get closer to it's film and music scene. You can catch him wailing the sax with the band ElleCollins at some of the hottest venues in town
He is always looking for creative people to collaborate and hangout with. If that's you then drop him a line.

If you are looking to hire young and original talent then look no further. Seriously. This guy works on a shoe string budget and out of pure love for the arts. Think what he could do with a sound backing. Open for commissions!

He's this close to fame...
Pass this website on to friends, family, strangers... you can help him get there!


I cover a wide range from design & illustration (Photoshop and Illustrator), 2D/2.3D animation, compositing and motion graphics (After Effects), 3D (Cinema 4D), direct & shoot video, to final editing (Premiere Pro/Final Cut Pro).

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